About Us

Yolo Ventures Inc is a private venture capital firm based in Montreal, Canada specialized in funding and incubating early-stage startups.

The company focuses on investing at the seed-round or Series-A stages with investments ranging from as little as $25,000 to a maximum of $1m per round.

Yolo Ventures is currently invested and looking for opportunities in the following industries:

Disruptive Hospitality Businesses and Applications

Blockchain Technologies
and Digital Assets' Ecosystem

Music Production and Entertainment-Related Ventures and Applications

Our Philosophy

The motto of our company is "you only live once", which to us represents a commitment to maximizing one's life in every possible way.

At Yolo, we put a lot of emphasizes not only on the IDEA but more importantly on the INDIVIDUALS developing the project and running the company.

FLAWLESS EXECUTION of an AMAZING IDEA running after a LARGE and GROWING market is what we look for in our investments.

Because we invest at the very early stages we are more interested in the COMMITMENT, DEDICATION and PASSION each individual has towards the project or company.

We are strong believers in disruptive technologies that help us live a happier and more fulfilling life, and that's what we invest in.

In short, we INVEST IN PEOPLE with PASSION and DEDICATION and who know how to EXECUTE a GREAT IDEA in a GROWING MARKET that helps you live a HAPPIER life.

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Case Studies


A more innovative way to book accommodations when travelling to an event.

LeQube Apartments

A legalized way to exploit the growth of the "Airbnb" revolution.


An online education platform that offers instant access to expert video lessons & exam-like practice for high school & university students.

Agora logo

A trading education platform with real-time headlines, premium podcast and webcast, daily premium research reports, real-time economic data and economic calendar.

AI Redefined

Live Human-AI Collaboration Solutions for Any Context

Yolo Ventures

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